11 things you should know before selecting a scaffolding company

1. Does the quote reflect exactly what you require?

A low price may result in variations that can cause over-runs on your budget. And be aware that variations are often priced at a higher rate than the standard hourly rate.

2. Has the company evaluated the project?

Get the scaffolding company to take the time to get a
real understanding of what’s required, and what the
access to the property is like, otherwise you will once
again be paying for variations.

3. Has your scaffolding been designed to mitigate
variations down the track?

For example, lift heights or inside boards for window installation.

4. Is there a set timeline?

Check with the scaffolding company how long the
job will take.

5. Do you know what type of scaffolding will be used?

Ask what type of scaffolding will be used. Tube and Clip is preferred by most builders. System scaffolding is faster and easier for the scaffolding company, but can have health and safety implications, as it’s easier for the tradies to move it around, which is a breach of H&S regulations.

6. Have the different access ways been discussed?

Check what access has been quoted – ladders or stair
towers. Towers are safer but more expensive.

7. Have the WorkSafe guidelines been followed?

A WorkSafe requirement is that scaffolding is checked and tagged EVERY 7 DAYS. Does your quote include this?

8. Are the proper safety regulations being followed?

Safety – check what the scaffold company is offering
in terms of established and documented processes?
For example: a rigorous SSSP (Site Specific Safety Plan), a comprehensive drug and alcohol policy, and are workers provided with the appropriate PPE?

9. Skilled labour

Do the scaffold company’s labourers hold NZ COC tickets? All scaffolding over 5m must be signed off by an elementary ticketed scaffolder as a minimum, and all Shrinkwrap scaffolds must be signed off by an advanced ticket scaffolder. Does the  company
providing the quote have this in place, and does its labour force hold Working at Heights Certificates? If not, they are NOT ALLOWED to be standing or working on ANY PLATFORM at ANY HEIGHT.

10. Have backup plans been put into place?

How quickly can the scaffold company respond to alterations/changes when required?

11. Have the full extent of costs been discussed?

If you need Shrinkwrap, nearly all projects must have an engineer produce approved construction drawings BEFORE any scaffolding can be built. Understand what these costs may be – as they can be  expensive and can be timely!


About Securescaffold

Here at Securescaffold, we aren’t the cheapest scaffolding company in Canterbury, and we aren’t the most expensive – we sit about average in the market.

However, what you will get from us is: we turn up on time, we’re professional, polite and none of our guys have any criminal history. And you won’t be stung with hidden charges on your invoice as we will get a full understanding of what you require and everything will be detailed up front.

But most importantly – we build a great scaffolding that provides safety for your team. Guaranteed!

Most companies who try us stick with us. Feel free to talk to one of our clients upon request.

Remove the headaches of putting up with an unreliable and substandard scaffolding company and use a trusted professional. It will save you money!

Sincerely Gary Collins
– Managing Director

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