Branding Mesh – Construction Site Advertising

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Have you ever wondered how many people pass by construction sites?

There’s a lot. This means your fencing is valuable and provides high profile advertising space.

There are two tailor-made products for you to take full advantage of this commercial opportunity sitting all around you: Brand Mesh Shade Cloth and Brand Mesh Banner Mesh.

Brand Mesh Shade Cloth:

Typically used at construction sites, this is suitable for printing large font logos and graphics. Due to the loose weave nature of the shade cloth there can be some bleed and blurriness.

Brand Mesh Banner Mesh:

A tighter weave PV mesh substrate, suitable for printing small fonts, photographs, and artwork which require high detail and excellent print outcome. Typically used by real estate agents, or clients wishing to communicate a lot of information. Brand Mesh printed fence cloth puts your brand safely in the public eye.

Whether you are concealing or beautifying a construction site, promoting an event, or setting up barriers for outdoor activities, these two fence wraps make your site more attractive and promote your company at the same time.

Because the fence mesh is digitally printed there are virtually no restrictions on colour or design complexity. Your fence mesh graphics can be as simple as a company logo on a solid coloured background, or as detailed as a full-colour photograph or intricate design.

Full colour logos and photographs printed onto Brand Mesh shade cloth 

provide you with high impact:

  • Brand advertising
  • Sponsor visibility
  • OSH benefits
  • For Sale or Lease messaging
  • Improved streetscape aesthetics

They are ideal for:

  • Construction companies
  • Real estate agencies
  • Event organisers
  • Retailers

Our production team can use your raw graphic material to create a layout you are happy with.

We print per 50 lineal metre roll, each lineal metre is either 1.83m high or 1.20m high depending on your fence height.

Your on-site staff can easily attach Brand Mesh using cable ties. Brand Mesh is UV resistant and perfect for windy areas. Promote your business, your sponsors, your property for sale or lease on your fence with Brand Mesh.

A very cheap form of advertising!


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