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Protecting your people and your project.

Safety nets are an integral part of ensuring the well-being of your workers and your project. Secure Scaffold offers a variety of safety net solutions and other commercial scaffolding services to keep you and your team safe on-site.

To enquire about safety nets for your project, call us today on 0800 660 022 or head over to our Contact us page to give us more details about your job, and we can get back with a quote.

All our installations are done in line with WorkSafe regulations and our installers have been trained to work safely at heights, so you can rest easy knowing your staff are being protected by professionals. The safety nets we use are sourced from trusted suppliers and tested regularly to ensure they are in good working condition.

Explore our range of safety net solutions for your next construction project in Christchurch

We provide safety nets suitable for both residential and commercial projects. Here are some safety net solutions we offer to safeguard your next construction project:

Fall Arrest Safety Nets

Fall arrest nets are designed to catch falling objects or people, preventing serious accidents and injuries on the construction site. They are an essential component in ensuring the safety of your workers at height.

Debris Safety Nets

Debris nets are vital for containing falling debris and materials, helping to keep your work area safe and tidy. Debris nets protect not only your workers but also the surroundings, preventing damage to properties proximate to the construction site.

Edge Protection Safety Nets

Edge protection nets are essential for creating secure boundaries at height. They act as a barrier to prevent accidental falls and are a crucial part of maintaining a safe work environment during construction.

Personnel Safety Nets

Protecting your workers is paramount. Our personnel safety nets are designed to safely catch and protect workers who may fall from elevated work areas, ensuring their well-being and reducing the risk of injury.

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How do I know which type of safety net is suitable for my construction project?

Our friendly team will evaluate your project’s requirements and recommend the appropriate safety net solution. Contact us today, and we’ll get you sorted.

Can I request a quote for safety net services for my construction project?

Certainly. To receive a quote for our safety net services, get in touch with your project details, and we’ll provide you with a competitive estimate for what you need.


Safety Nets
Safety Nets Christchurch

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Adding Safety Nets to your commercial and residential construction sites adds an extra layer of safety to your projects decreasing the chances of your workers getting hurt while working. Safety nets work as barriers by catching people, tools, and materials that may fall by working at heights.

Looking For Safety Nets In Christchurch?

Secure Scaffold is a prominent name when it comes to safety nets in Christchurch. Our expert team with a combined experience of over 50 years ensures to keep your requirements in mind and deliver the best. Secure Scaffold offers the hire and installation of safety nets, Christchurch enhancing the safety at your site. The wide range of products offered at Secure Scaffold can be configured to match your requirements. These nets can be used in both commercial and residential spaces making them suitable for multi-level constructions. 

The team at Secure Scaffold has successfully delivered many high-quality projects for the New Zealand Police Force and the Ministry of Education. The experts at Secure Scaffold, which provides safety nets in Christchurch, ensure to keep the nets at such height at people in the drop zone and the objects/people falling suffer the minimum or no damage.

Here is What You Get When Getting Safety Nets in Christchurch From Secure Scaffold:

Expert Services:

Our team has a combined experience of over 50 years. Providing safety nets in Christchurch for a long time, we understand what will be the best for you and your site. Our experts will look at and analyse your site to deliver you nothing but the best safety nets in Christchurch. Our workers have been trained to work at heights to ensure that we provide the best services to you.

Guaranteed Services:

The team at Secure Scaffold believes in an ‘On Time, Every Time’ policy where we have zero tolerance towards late deliveries. If by any chance, we fail to deliver safety nets in Christchurch in the decided timeline, your first-week rental will be free from our side.

Safety First:

We make sure that our services are safe for you, your team, and your clients. Our staff at Secure Scaffold is police-vetted and we do our installation following the WorkSafe guidelines and regulations. The safety nets are made using high-quality raw products and are tested from time to time to ensure complete safety. 

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