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Are you tired of being let down by your scaffolder? Trust Secure Scaffold with your next Temporary Fencing project. Our policy is: “On time, every time.”
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Your barrier for safety and security.

Temporary fencing is essential for maintaining safety and security on construction sites, events, and various projects that require commercial scaffolding and temporary fencing. We offer a variety of temporary fencing solutions to cater to what you need.

With over 50 years of combined experience, our management team will give you confidence that your project is in the best hands for the job. Secure Scaffold has police-vetted staff who have successfully delivered many high-profile projects for the New Zealand Defense Force and Ministry of Education.

Know that you, your staff and your clients can feel safe with our staff onsite. Our team is willing to work all over the Canterbury region, including rural and remote areas. Contact us for secure temporary fencing and all your scaffolding needs.

Explore our temporary fencing solutions for your next project or event in Christchurch

Our temporary fencing solutions are suitable for both residential and commercial projects or events. Here’s how our temporary fencing services can help:

Construction Site Temporary Fencing

Our temporary fencing solutions for construction sites provide a secure perimeter to protect your construction project from unauthorised access and to keep the site safe. These fences are stable and durable to withstand the demands of a construction site.

Temporary Fencing for Events and Crowd Control

For event organisers, our event fencing and crowd control barriers help manage large gatherings and ensure the safety and order of attendees. These fences are versatile, making them ideal for various events, from concerts to sports competitions.

Temporary Barrier Fencing

In scenarios where you need a temporary barrier or partition, our versatile barrier fencing offers a simple and effective solution, ideal for creating boundaries at events or for other temporary needs.

The Secure Guarantee

Secure Scaffold guarantees to be On Time, Every Time, or you will receive your first week’s rental for free.

Secure Scaffold guarantees to have quotes back within the required timeframe, and can often have quotes back within the hour.

Contact us today to hire affordable temporary fencing services for your next project or event.


How do I determine the right type of temporary fencing for my project or event?

Our team can assess your project or event’s requirements and recommend the appropriate temporary fencing solution. Get in touch, and we will be happy to give you guidance on how to choose the right fencing for your project.

Are your temporary fencing solutions compliant with safety standards and regulations?

Absolutely. Our temporary fencing solutions comply with all safety standards and regulations. We conduct regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the safety and security of your project or event.


Protect Your Sites with Temporary Fencing in Christchurch

Are looking to protect your sites with temporary fencing in Christchurch? Secure Scaffold is a leading name in the industry providing temporary fencing in Christchurch. These fencings are cost-effective and help you make your construction sites safe.

Why is Temporary Fencing A Good Choice?

To keep your sites safe and trespassers away, it is important to have a temporary fence around your site. The benefits of temporary fences are multiple, including;

Preventing Vandalism

Newly constructed sites or those under construction are always at risk of being vandalised. Temporary fences restrict the access of the area to just the people who need it. Hence, making it safe for you, your team, and your client. Temporary fencing in Christchurch also reduces the cost that may have occurred due to the vandalism.

Avoiding Trespassers

Trespassers can lead to some unwanted activities at your construction site. Having a temporary fence restricts the area from trespassers making it extremely safe.

Cost Effective

With all these benefits, temporary fencing in Christchurch costs a lot less than permanent fencing. This fencing can fill your temporary requirements while not burning your pocket.

Why Choose Us For Temporary Fencing, Christchurch?

Expert Services

Get a team of experts from Secure Scaffold to understand and meet your needs. Being in the industry for decades, our experts have the right knowledge and understanding of what will suit your site the best. Our experts will look at and analyse your site to deliver you nothing but the best temporary fencing in Christchurch.

Guaranteed Services

The team at Secure Scaffold believes in ‘On Time, Every Time’ policy where we have zero tolerance towards late deliveries. Get your temporary fencing in Christchurch on the exact pre-decided date or if by any chance, we fail to deliver temporary fencing in Christchurch in the decided timeline, your first-week rental will be free from our side.

Safety First

We make sure that our services are safe for you, your team, and your clients. Our staff at Secure Scaffold is police-vetted and we do our installation following the WorkSafe guidelines and regulations. The temporary fences are made using high-quality raw products and are tested from time to time to ensure complete safety. 

CONTACT US NOW to enquire more about temporary fencing in Christchurch.

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